Sunday, 18 March 2012

So Many Costumes so Little Time
What would a belly dancer be without her costume? The costume is such a big part of package. For me the costume has to match the song the choreography and the dancer. It is the creative process and the journey the costume takes. It begins with an idea or a piece of fabric or a piece of jewelry to inspire a whole new costume. Here is a costume that started off as a valour bath robe. It is now called my spider man costume. It got its name because the pattern of the beads. My little nephew saw it and asked if that was my spider man costume for Halloween. This is one of my favorites because it is comfortable and goes with many choreographies and music. The original name it was given was Midnight because of its color. This was made by Liz Chaisson Thompson of Ottawa Ontario.
This costume started with a scarf I bought for $10. The hunt was on for a skirt to match. I think this one was inspired by a costume I saw on the internet somewhere. I wanted a little more coverage than the bra and belt set that you usually see. So I found a skirt at the second hand store for $5 score. My mom made a body suite out of black stretching mesh. We cut the scarf and made the belt that attaches with a grommet, so easy to put on. We cut out shapes and flowers from the remaining material from the scarf and sewed them on to the body suit. The only downfall to having sleeves and a velvet skirt is that your veil can stick to it especially if it is silk. So you can make your own costume on a budget for sure. There are many sites that sell costumes and belly dance attire. I like when the bra is made for me because it is sure to fit perfectly. My complaint about some professional bras is that they are so hard. I don’t understand why they make them so hard.
Bella is a designer from Turkey and her costumes are beautiful. This is one of my favorites. This is a belly dancer from California and her name is Sandra. She is one of my favorite dancers. She wears lots of belly costumes. She sells many of her costumes on her site.

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