Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mom's Creation

This is another costume my mother made.  I am so lucky to have a mom that can bead for hours.  For this cosume she made another body suit in blue stretchy mesh, then she sewed beads all over in a paisley pattern.  She hand made the belt with similar colour beads and pattern.  The Skirt is a polyester blend material.  My friend Liz Chaisson Thompson made the skirt.  It is a Tulip style skirt with a big V shaped insert in the back so it really flares out when you turn.

I am not in my twenties and skinny anymore so I like to have costumes that cover up a bit but are still a little on the sexy side.  I don't dance as well if I feel self consious.

I wore a blue bra underneath in these photos.  It looks better with a skin coloured bra adn gives the illusion that there is nothing undreneath.  Cheeky very cheeky.

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